13th Birthday - Pink

13th Birthday Invitation, Social Stationery and Accessories Pack - Pink

Packed FULL of Value

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☑️ - All your SOCIAL STATIONERY for your 13th Birthday party in ONE box.

☑️ - Includes 7 Pink Party Accessories for a 13th Birthday Party

☑️ - 1x A5 Birthday Card (Age 13, Pink)

☑️ - 20x A5 Invitations Sheets - 13th Party

☑️ - 1x No. 13 Number Candle

☑️ - 6x Pearlised Party Balloons - Age 13 (Pink, Purple, Cream)

☑️ - 1x Medium Badge - 13 Pink

☑️ - 1x Pack of Confetti - 13th Birthday Pink

☑️ - 20x A6 Thank You Cards with Envelopes

☑️ - ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Packaged 13th Birthday Milestone Kit.

☑️ - Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

☑️ - Every Little Bit of Reduced Plastic HELPS SAVE the PLANET.

☑️ - Re-USE, Re-DUCE, Re-CYCLE and be Re-SPONSIBLE

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Detailed Description

Add EXTRA Value to your party decorations with our Exclusive 6 Item Party Invitation Kit.

Ideal companion our Multi Coloured Party Decoration, Eco Friendly Party Decoration Pack.

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1) Invitation Pad:

Quantity: 20x Sheets

Size: A5

Colours: Pink

Age: 13th Birthday

2) Pearlised Party Balloons:

Quantity: 6x Balloons (2x Pink, 2x Purple and 2x White Printed All-Over)

Size: 30cm

Colours: Pink

Age: 13th Birthday

3) Milestone Candle:

Quantity: 1x One Piece - 2 Wicks

Size: 8 cm x 8cm

Colours: Multi- Coloured Gliter Effect

Age: 13th Birthday

4) Milestone Confetti:

Quantity: 14.1g

Size: 13mm Round

Colours: Pink, Silver, Purple

Age: 13th Birthday

5) Milestone Badge:

Quantity: 1x Badge

Size: 73mm Round

Colours: Pink

Age: 13th Birthday

6) Individually Wrapped Cards and Envelopes - Thank You

Quantity: 20x Cards and Envelopes

Size: A6

Colours: Multi Colour - One Design

Age: Universal

Eco Friendly Packaging

Outer Packaging: Widely Recyclable Cardboard Box

Inner Packaging: Widely Recyclable Packaging

We promote and strive to provide Environmentally Friendly, Reusable and Recyclable Products and Packaging where possible.

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